Scorpion Brand Explosives Initiators and Accessories
Made Proudly in the U.S.A.


Case Material:
Case Size:
Shipping Weight:
Type of Circuitry:
Firing Voltage:
Firing Energy:
Power Source:
Battery Voltage:
Energy Storage:

6/6 Nylon Plastic
9.2"L x 1.5"Diam.23.4cm L x 3.81cm Diam.
10 oz. (0.29 kg)
2 lb. (0.908 kg)
Solid State Electronic
2,500 VDC
0.5 Joules
1 Ea. 9V Alkaline Cell
Capacitor, Special Electrolytic, H.D.

The Scorpion HR-1 extends E.I.T.’s long line of non-electric initiators. One bottom-loading 9V battery powers the HR-1 and may be removed and replaced using the easy one-step battery cover. The waterproof HR-1 also features an impact-resistant case and a factory-supplied belt loop.

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