Scorpion Brand Explosives Initiators and Accessories
Made Proudly in the U.S.A.



Color & Hardware
Power Source
Operating Temperatures
Storage Temperatures
Output Voltage
Output Energy
Firing Capacity
Continuity Indicator

Ready Indicator
Charge/Fire Cycle Time

Electric Initiator
3"W x 2"D x 6"H
7.6cm W x 5.0cm D x 15.2cm H)
23 oz. (0.65 kg)
Black Case with Black Hardware
One 9V Alkaline Battery
-20 deg F to 140 deg F
-45 deg F to 180 deg F
225 VDC
4.0 Joules
135 Ohm Blasting Circuit
2 Heavy-Duty Binding Posts
LED indicator,
Includes Power Limiter and is Fused.
High-Intensity LED
2.0 Seconds
Non-Electric Initiator
2500 VDC
0.5 Joules
1 Non-Electric Shock Tube
1 Shock Tube Connector (STC)

1.0 Second

The Scorpion L-SBS stands for Small Blasting System. This machine was designed for blasters who typically fire smaller electric blasts and also use non-electric blasting.

The SBS is extremely lightweight and durable. A protective lid on the top of the unit protects the non-electric portion of the machine that is operated by a single pushbutton located on its side. This switch is protected by a collar making it as well guarded as the front dual pushbuttons that are recessed into the case for protection against front and side impact.

A single 9V alkaline battery that loads from the side under the non-electric switch powers both operations of the SBS. The battery cap is turned on and off by hand and provides easy and immediate access while also making the battery compartment fully waterproof.

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