Scorpion Brand Explosives Initiators and Accessories
Made Proudly in the U.S.A.

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Scorpion model initiators and test devices designed for law enforcement and EOD are known as the L-Series. L-Series machines include the L-50, L-450 and the L-DRC. Non Electric models include the HR-8, HR-88, HR-1 and HBR-1. These machines are used world-wide by Law Enforcement and EOD for their extraordinary high reliability and durability. L-Series units utilize black casing and hardware for reduced profile and field visibility.

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L-50 Electric Blasting Machine

HBR-1 Electronic Non-Electric Initiator

L-450 High Output ELectronic Blasting Machine

Digital DRC Blaster's Ohmmeter

L-DRC Analog Blasting Galvanometer

L-SBS Combination Initiator

C-3 Circuit Continuity Indicator

HR-8 Mechanical Non-Electric Initiator