Firing Capacity:

1 Series of 100  2 Ohm Electric Detonators 2 Series of 100  2 Ohm Electric Detonators 4 Series of 90  2 Ohm Electric Detonators 7 Series of 70  2 Ohm Electric Detonators 10 Series of 50  2 Ohm Electric Detonators 12 Series of 40  2 Ohm Electric Detonators 12 Series of 30  2 Ohm Electric Detonators


Scorpion Solid‐State Electronic Blasting Machine

Size3"W x 2"D x 9"H (7.6cm W x 5.8cm D x 22.8cm H)
Weight36 oz. (1.02kg)
HardwareSS 'D' Rings, Kydex, Neck Strap
Case FeaturesWaterproof Electronics, Impact Resistant, Rugged design, Quick Connect Binding Posts (not pictured)
Power Source4 ‐ "D" Cell Batteries
Operating TemperaturesOperating: ‐20°F ‐ 140°F Storage: ‐45°F ‐ 180°F
Output Voltage445 VDC
Output Energy35.0 Joules
Firing CapacitySee Below
ConnectionQuick Binding Posts
Ready IndicatorHV Neon
Charge/Fire Cycle10‐12 seconds
Superior Field Reliability

Scorpion devices are built with the highest quality electronics and components so you can count on them to work in even the most unforgiving environments. Engineered for long life, Scorpion devices continue to provide reliable performance for decades in the field where other manufacturers break down after only months.

Quick and easy battery replacement in 1 step

Scorpion units are designed with a waterproof battery compartment for quick and easy replacement. No need to remove screws and, as with competitors machines, expose the wiring and internal components just to change the batteries. EIT developed the one step on and off compartment cover to let you replace a battery anywhere- no tools required.