E.I.T. HR mechanical initiators are designed for initiation of non-electric blasting systems. Initiators are made ready by loading a #209 shotgun shell primer into the breech block and then threading the shock tube through the flashguard and into the nozzle. Once loaded the unit is ready to initiate from its cocked position.

E.I.T. HR mechanical initiator

Length/Diameter8.5"L x 1" Diam. (21.54cm L x 2.53cm Diam)
Weight12 oz. (0.34kg)
BodyStainless Steel
OperationMechanical Spring-Operated Steel Firing Pin
Energy Source#209 Shotgun Shell Primer
Multi Line ModelsN/A
Superior Field Reliability

Scorpion devices are built with the highest quality electronics and components so you can count on them to work in even the most unforgiving environments. Engineered for long life, Scorpion devices continue to provide reliable performance for decades in the field where other manufacturers break down after only months.

Quick and easy battery replacement in 1 step

Scorpion units are designed with a waterproof battery compartment for quick and easy replacement. No need to remove screws and, as with competitors machines, expose the wiring and internal components just to change the batteries. EIT developed the one step on and off compartment cover to let you replace a battery anywhere- no tools required.