The Scorpion L-412 is a compact and rugged light-weight Solid-State Electronic Capacitor Discharge Blasting Machine which incorporates a Circuit Continuity Indicator (CCI) allowing the operator to verify a complete circuit is attached to the Output Binding Posts prior to initiation. The CCI uses a secure blasting-safe signal to detect when a circuit is present and informs the operator with a green LED. When “Charge” is depressed the CCI is immediately disengaged. The CCI will only re-engage when “Charge” is released and the redundant safety allows use of the indicator once again. The L-412 is a completely sealed unit making it waterproof and impervious to dust, dirt, sand, and debris. It features EIT’s specially developed Heavy-Duty Push Down Binding Posts for quick and secure lead line attachment, even when the user is wearing gloves. It incorporates 2 guarded pushbutton switches for Charge and Fire operations and is engineered for rapid charging. A replaceable 9V battery provides hundreds of Charge/Fire cycles. The battery loads smoothly through the side of the unit into a waterproof compartment secured in place by an easy-on/off Battery Cap. The Scorpion L-412 incorporates 2 attachment points for a factory supplied detachable Belt Loop offering easy carrying and accessory options.
L-412 (Available Alternative)


Capacitor Discharge Electronic Blasting Machine

& Integral Continuity Indicator

FIRING ENERGY:400 VDC @ 12.0 Joules
FIRING CAPABILITY:Electric Blasting Caps, NE STC -P, Electric Breech
FIRING CAPACITY:240 Ohms circuits requiring minimum 1.5A @ 20mJ/Ohm of resistance
FIRE CIRCUIT:Locked out unless full charge is available
ARMED INDICATOR:High visibility red LED
DETECTION:Automatic & immediate indication of circuit
TEST SIGNAL:<0.18mA(0.00018A), Fuse Protected
INDICATION:High visibility green LED
OUTPUT:Binding Posts shunted internally
ABORT:Safe internal discharge when ‘Charge’ switch is released before ‘Detonate’
FIRING:Requires sequenced 2 switch operation
CONTINUITY:Indicator immediately disengages during
DIMENSION:3″wide x 1.5″thick x 4″high (7.6cmx 3.8cmx 10.1cm)
WEIGHT:15oz w /battery (425g)
HARDWARE:Brass, Nylon, Rubber
OPERATING TEMP:Tested -20°F -140°F (-29°C -60°C )
STORAGE TEMP:Tested -45°F -180°F (-42°C -82°C )
COLORS:Black, Yellow, Tan, OD Green
BATTERY:Replaceable 9V(HD alkaline recommended )
LIFE:~250+ Charge/Fire Cycles typical
CONNECTION:EIT’s quick -connect HD Output Binding Posts
SWITCHES:Switchguard protected, rugged waterproof boots
CARRYING:Dual attachment points for belt loop or lanyard
BATTERY:Battery loads smoothly through side of unit and is secured in place by easy-on/off battery cap
WARRANTY:Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
Superior Field Reliability

Scorpion devices are built with the highest quality electronics and components so you can count on them to work in even the most unforgiving environments. Engineered for long life, Scorpion devices continue to provide reliable performance for decades in the field where other manufacturers break down after only months.

Quick and easy battery replacement in 1 step

Scorpion units are designed with a waterproof battery compartment for quick and easy replacement. No need to remove screws and, as with competitors machines, expose the wiring and internal components just to change the batteries. EIT developed the one step on and off compartment cover to let you replace a battery anywhere- no tools required.