We are open from 800 to 430 Monday through Friday.  We are closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Unless otherwise stated or arranged, EIT Corporation ships all orders via UPS Ground Service.

The greatest care is taken in the preparation and packaging of your order. However, should damage occur in transit, you must notify us immediately and retain all damaged merchandise along with packaging materials.

All products described within these pages are fully repairable by our factory trained technicians. Repair items may be sent directly to our facility (Please include a telephone number and contact information including name).

E.I.T. Corporation installs new batteries with all shipments of new products. We use only Heavy Duty Alkaline batteries produced by Duracell and Energizer, or their analog. Not all batteries are created equal: If it’s a discount battery and neither Heavy Duty or Alkaline, it won’t perform well.

Ensure proper polarity when replacing cells. Older Scorpion model Electric Blasting Machines, such as the original HB-50 and the HBR-150 and HBR-350 used 2 and 4 packs of “AA” batteries. For best results, replace all “AA” batteries when replacing these cells.

The Initiation Tip, or STC, is a consumable item. These items are robustly designed for long service. When the condition of the spark is observed to be significantly diminished, the Tip (STC) should be replaced. Replacement Tips and STC’s are available from E.I.T. Corporation.

All tips designed by E.I.T. Corporation utilize an electrode design meant to be inserted directly into the Non-Electric Tubing. There is no need for “tapping” or “powdering” the electrode as it is not designed to operate in that fashion. When loading the Non-Electric Tip or STC, ensure that the Non-Electric Tubing is inserted fully onto the electrode. No further preparation is required.